Detox Basics Part 1

Just think of the pollutants in the air, in the food that we eat and what we put on our skin. They all build up as waste products in the body. When someone has a non-serious illness that they just can’t shake, they may need to go through a detox. Detoxing is a way of clearing the body of this waste so the body can work more efficiently again. Detoxification is recommended for everyone at least once a year, however children, nursing mothers, those with degenerative diseases, tuberculosis, cancer, and kidney and liver issues should consult their doctor before starting a detox regime.

Signs you may need to detox include:

-Feeling out of sync

-Fatigue or sluggishness

-Skin problems

-Digestive issue

-Brain fog

Detoxing can be from 3 days to 3 months and can be as simple as eating fruit, vegetables, drinking water and fruit juices to drinking herbal teas, intermittent fasting and eating raw fruit and veg.