Detox Basics Part 4 – How to plan your detox

Planning your Detox is one of the main ways that you keep to the detox.

I have been planning detoxes for years so writing this was difficult because I go on autopilot when I detox.

What I usually do is look at when I want to detox, is it a seasonal detox, is it a detox cause I am not feeling well…maybe I have a big event and want to make sure that my energies are right for the event. I also make sure that I can have some time to myself, for meditation and self-reflection and just to be in a calm and positive space during some of my detox time. So the first thing I do I look at when I want to do the detox. I also include how long the detox should be, is it a three-day detox, a week, two weeks, a month….three months…Just looking at the length of the detox will give you the understanding of what your shopping list will look like.

After I have a date, and how long I am going to detox for, I will look at the type od detox I want to do. I usually look at eating no sugar and fresh foods so I can detox the processed toxins from my body. It is at this point you can research detoxes, speak to your holistic therapist, detox therapist or doctor about a suitable detox. I also increase my water intake to make sure that the toxins can be transported from my body because of the increased water intake. However, I do believe that your water intake should be through your food and from drinking lots of water as the water in fruit and veg is way more nutritious than normal tap or bottled water.

After I have a date, I know how long and researched the type of detox and looked at my water consumption, I write a plan, a daily plan with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I incorporate the exercise that I wantI to take part in once per day for 30 minutes which could be yoga, running High-Intensity Interval Training, jogging, Tai Chi…what ever, just keep your heart rate for a min of 5 mins if you are just starting out building up to 30 mins if you can handle it. Do take the time to see your doc before hand just to make sure that you are the fit enough to take part in exercises and the type of exercises that you need to take part in.

I love planning detoxes and always get good results after.

I hope my Detox series has helped you and that you have fun during your detox.