What do you want for Mothers day!

At the time of writing, it is one week till Mothers day in the UK. I am lucky in this respect as my mother now lives in the Caribbean, and they celebrate Mothers Day the same time as the US…in May I think? So I have a couple of months till I start to panic. Note to self-schedule in a gift buying session for mu’s Mothers Day gift!

Even though I am not at panic stations…yet! my poor daughters are. I have been Plant based/ Vegan for nearly a year (yes I am a fledgeling Plant based/vegan), and my children have had nearly a year of thinking ‘What do I get for mum’s ….birthday …Christmas…’treat yo’ self-day’ present. So we had a little chat and below is the list of suggestions that we came up with.

Make mum a vegan breakfast

If you can open a tin of beans and put the contents in a saucepan and put that saucepan on the stove. Then open oven door put Bacofoil on an oven pan, put the oven pan in the oven and watch the time to make sure the food does not burn, you can make your mother a vegan breakfast. Vegan sausage like Linda MacCartheys Sausages and Frys burgers are amazing (yes I know you are supposed to fry the Frys family burgers but I put them in the oven same way and they still taste good!).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA These taste sooooo good!

20130317-burgers-frys-traditional-1-packTastes too good!!!

If you want to be a little more daring, add some fried mushrooms, fried tomato, fried onion and toast and your mum will be grinning from ear to ear!. If you are West India, switch it up with hard dough bread, fried dumplings or if you are being that little bit more adventurous cook some ackee and or callaloo. If you want to be a little bit continental, why not buy Croissants and or Pain Au Chocolate from Just Rol. They are ‘accidently vegan’, easy to stick in the oven and with a cup of coffee on Mother’s Day morning your mother will be swooning with the decadence of a continental brekkie.



Take her out to brunch/lunch or dinner!

If you are not the best cook in the world, or you simply can’t be bothered! Why not take your mum out to brunch/lunch/dinner. If you are not sure if the restaurant you choose serves vegan food, ring and ask. Most of the time, in my experience, chefs and cooks are really excited to try and cook something different and they will be more accommodating than you think. You could, however, go out to a Vegan restaurant.  Look to see that Vegan restaurant options you have in your local area or try local chains that offer a vegan menu these include:

Create a Vegan home spa

If you and your mum like a night in with frills, how about a home spa? Buying cruelty-free products from Superdrug UK can make your mum not only feel special but she will also know you support her lifestyle further than the food she eats. Sites like Creature Kind UK list all the products that you could spoil you much deserving mother with. If you are adventurous, you could make your own products. Pinterest has a host of links to home spa recipes that use cruelty-free and natural ingredients that you could whip up in minutes with ingredients you could find in your kitchen cupboard (that is if you are the creative type).

Simple gifts.

A bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates fits the bill here. But is the chocolate dairy free? M&S do a wonderful dairy free chocolate box (I know, I have had their box twice and I have eaten each box within a day of getting them). I could not find an image or link for M&S’s dairy free choc’s, but I do have an image of my own, please excuse the quality, I was eager to eat the contents (lol).



Another gift that I thought was amazing was the Goodness box. Stuffed full of amazing snacks and goodie, I wolfed my Christmas goodness box down quicker than if you could say Santa Clause. There are a variety of goodies and at a price range to suit many. And if like me, your mother is not suspecting this gift, you may even make her shed a tear (not saying I did that, but my children may say something different).


So Mother’s Day may not be so bad for the children of a Vegan/plant-based mother.But what is most important is that you spend the time to recognise and respect the person who was there for you, gave you support and lifted you up when you thought you could not walk another step, made you laugh when you thought all happiness was gone. Loved you when you thought you were not lovable and was there no matter what. And remember, this person does not have to be your birth mother, but that person who took up that role for you when it was needed and beyond!

Have an amazing Mothers Day!!!