Not so quick … Not so easy!!!

It’s after 8 pm on a Sunday evening, and I am terrified by the fact that I am starting my first blog! Not a microblog, but a proper grown-up blog.

All day I have been anticipating writing my first blog, but gratefully, distractions have been thrown in my path to take my mind off the inevitable. I pretend to myself that these distractions are so bothersome, but the reality is further from the truth. However the long ‘To Do’ list is getting shorter and shorter, and I am left with the one thing left on the list, item 6 – write your first blog. But what should I write about! To top it off, I am nervous about being dyslexic and writing in such an open forum. I know, I know, in this day and age, this is a minor, but anxiety is coursing through my veins and my mouth is dry at the very thought of people seeing my very first blog.

So what is my blogsite about?

This a little corner of the internet where a plant-based girl in an ‘Omni’ world gets to slow down and take her time to share her not so quick not so easy mainly plant-based recipes, thoughts on live and other musings. It’s a space to breathe! find out something new about yourself, find out something new about others and maybe find out something new about the world we live in. But doing it at leisure! slowly! Doing thing at a fast pace all the time does not really work for me so I can have a little something for me in this little corner of the internet that is a little slower, and a little calmer. I will be here once a week, usually on a Sunday about 8 pm (GMT) so if you want to slow down with a cup of tea with me, you are more than welcome.